It’s the power of Your presence

The Power of Your Presence

There is a peace, there is a rest
That settles here, in Your presence
When Your face is very near
Your love erases every fear

It’s the power of Your presence
It’s the strength of Your hand in mine
It’s the glory of Your greatness
That has the power to change my life


Today my mind was running amok again…

As a girl, a woman, we see Jesus as our lover. The Man who gave up everything for us, the Man who is constantly romancing our souls. The Man who loves us with a love we cannot even begin to comprehend.

At any time, through good times or bad, happy, sad, lonely, whatever, we can just run to Him and He’s there for us. Although actually He saw us first — before we can even recognise Him, He’s RUNNING towards us to embrace us, to hold us ever so securely in His arms. To hug us.

Girls, when’s the last time u ever hugged a guy? Really hugged, not those awkward “just-friends” hug. Your boyfriend? Husband? Dad? Son? Ex-boyfriend? Brother? How did you feel? Shiok right? I thought of the last time I hugged a guy, and I just felt Daddy-God saying to me, “Daughter, when I embrace you, it’s so many times more shiok than what you felt that time.”

As the song lyrics go, “You hold me in Your arms, never let me go, I wanna spend eternity with You”.


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